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Horse nutrition concerns - are they eating right?

Worried about your horse's diet?


Relax Nutrition - Healthy Australian Horse Feeds and Premium Equine Supplements

Relax Everyday Vit and Min (3).png

Daily Vitamin, Mineral and Probiotic Supplement, optimised for superior Nutrition. 

Relax Nutrition Super Fibre Plus

An outstanding source of highly digestible fibre and prebiotics for cool energy and optimal gut health. Safe for horses prone to laminitis and EMS.

Relax Everyday Electrolytes (2).png

Filler-free, sugar-free, and bi-carbonate free key electrolyte  and amino acid replacer, designed to replace lost electrolytes during exercise and sweating.

Relax Nutrition Cold pressed flaxseed oil

Cold pressed flaxseed oil naturally high in Omega 3 providing a cool source of energy, supporting healthy joints, a healthier skin and a shiny coat.

Relax Animal Bedding in a stable

  As easy as 1, 2, 3!  

Relax Animal bedding instructions for use - step 1
Step 1 open bag
Relax Animal bedding instructions - add water
Step 2 add water
Relax Animal bedding instructions for use - step 3
Step 3 reconstitute

Relax Animal Bedding

Pelleted, low-dust timber byproduct - easily reconstituted with water.  Available in easy to carry 15kg bags

Relax Animal Bedding 15 kg bag
100% Australian Made

Perfect for stables, but also for cat litter, guinea pigs, rabbits etc!

What people are saying...

"Product review time 🙂🐴 I've been trialing a new fibre feed, QPD Relax Super Fibre Plus, that Horse & Co. Dayboro is now stocking. Here's my feedback compared to other fibre feeds that I've used:

  • It's double the fibre and higher in protein than Speedi-Beet

  •  It feels more dense and fibrey (!) than Fibre-essential, plus it's a smidge cheaper

  • It's substantially cheaper than Maxisoy and Fibre-Beet

All three of my horses have been nom-noming it so it must taste good!"

Justine Dean

Relax Super Fibre Plus testimonial
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