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Relax Oil for healthy joints, skin, coat

Omega 3 to support healthy joints, skin and coat

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Relax Oil
Australian Owned
Relax Oil available in 2 sizes
Relax Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil is the highest source of Omega 3, provides a cool source of energy, supporting healthy joints, a healthier skin and a shiny coat.


Relax Oil is a great source of antioxidants to help improve gut health.

Relax  Oil contains more than 50% plant based Omega 3, with a similar profile to fresh green pasture. 

Relax Oil is suitable for all horses and ponies. 

Relax Oil is 100% Australian owned & locally operated

Available in either 4.6l & 20 litres


  • Cool source of energy

  • High Omega 3

  • Healthy skin and shiny coat

  • Supports healthy joints

  • Contains antioxidants


  • Omega-3 54%​

  • Omega-6 13.7%

  • Omega-9 16%

Relax Oil for shiny coats
Relax Oil with Omega 3


Relax Oil Feeding Instructions

Add Relax Oil to Daily Feed. 

If Oil is new to the diet, commence with 30ml and increase slowly to desired level over 14 days.

Typical Ingredients 

Flaxseed Oil, Natural Antioxidants.

I Quast

“Relax Oil has become my absolute favourite oil! My ponies love it and being naturally high in Omega 3's, this oil supports my ponies' immune system, while creating a natural healthy skin and coat shine. It also gives me the option to add additional cool energy to my ponies' feed when I need it! Last but not least - the price difference is huge compared to other brands on the market!”
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